"Tom is a wonderful coach - warm, caring, patient, but able to cut through my static and get to the heart of the issue.  He is not afraid to challenge me when I am deliberately unwilling to look at my stuff or do the work I need to do, but he also knows when to give me the space I need on a bad day.  He has a great knack for staying connected with what I am going through without getting involved in the emotional turmoil.  He keeps his focus keenly on my agenda - not necessarily my short-term agenda, but the Big Picture: where I want to go and what I want to do with my life.  I would recommend Tom to anyone who wants a coach who will kick their butt with compassion."   -- CN

A good leader is one who can tell another how to reach his or her potential. A great leader is one who can help another discover this potential for him or herself. Tom DiGiovanni is a great leader and I don't just say that because we share names... Tom spoke to 40Plus of Greater Washington DC about how to tap into your natural energy frequencies and how to find a better sense of balance in your leadership style. Although he told the audience that each of us has an average energy level, he left everyone with more energy than they came with and he will leave you energized, too, once you start working with him! -- Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative”  -- Giovanni Cappelletti 

"Tom's thoughtful, perceptive way of reflecting back to me my own thoughts and feelings showed me what I couldn't see on my own. He gently yet consistently encouraged me to question my (previously unrecognized) assumptions and thought patterns that were holding me back from achieving my goals."  -- AL

"Tom is a people person who has an uncanny ability to seek out other people's strengths through interviewing them ... and then to motivate them."  -- AD

"He is always able to see the best in others and helps them bring out the best in themselves."  -- CC

"Tom's style of coaching was exactly what I needed to help me reach my financial goals.  After 7 years of holding a high balance on my VISA I was able to finally have a zero balance.  I created a balanced budget for discretionary and fixed spending and was able to tell my investment advisor how much money was available for my employer's 457 plan.  Tom also helped me identify strategies to effectively teach my children the value of money through chores and allowances.  Weekly coaching with Tom helped me stay focused on these goals while understanding and removing any obstacles."  -- CM

"He has a gently, wise spirit that helps others to find their way."   -- CM


"I have had the opportunity to observe Tom DiGiovanni coaching over the phone, during my time as his mentor coach with iPEC Coaching.

Tom has the ability to listen fully to his clients – hearing not only the words they are saying but also the emotional context for what they are saying. He asks excellent questions that allow his clients to see new perspectives and opportunities. Additionally, he is capable of shifting his client’s energy to a creative, productive place where clients can begin to see their lives more clearly.

Clients will easily have trust and confidence in his abilities as a coach. Tom empowers his clients to set goals and create action plans and then holds them accountable for accomplishing these goals."   -- MBS 

"While Tom could be also be described as an administrator, caregiver, or facilitator, I'd first describe him as a motivator."  -- RP 

"Tom is fair yet kind and quickly understands problems and creates strategies to solve them." -- SW

 "Tom's greatest assets are his keen instincts, his ability to listen, and his unwavering people skills.  He knows how to deal with difficult personalities and he is very diplomatic in his dealings.  -- KK



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